Friday, July 10, 2015

Alex promoted to Assistant Manager



ALEX is offically promoted to Assistant Manager

Alex is a very hard worker, and always has an awesome attitute. Alex is a team player, that sets goals for himself and achieves success. He is a leader to others on his team, and a role model in his work ethic. We couldn't be happier to announce this guy, as our new assitant manager!



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Monday, July 6, 2015

Breaking News>>>>>>

  • Sales Reps Earn Higher Commission
  • BBS, Inc Boston Sales Reps are given higher individual commission rates, as of today!
  • We are so proud of our sales teams, the continued progress and growth!
  • Our reps deserve it! #Work #Boston
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Congratulations to our girl, Di!

+Leader of the Week

What makes Di an amazing leader?

"Hard worker, great work ethic and positive attitude"-  Ryan Navas
  • Born in China
  • Ownership
  • Puts Clients #1
  • Always her enthusiasm because she is knowledgeable about the product she sells
  • Knows In's and outs of what goes into packages, deals and basic instillation processes. 
  • Di is impressing everyone here at BBS, inc. with her dedication to following her territories hitting 
  • Her goals are always put first and foremost
  • Crushing her sales!
Smiles, eye contact, and enthusiasm behind every door!

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PR Log:

Making your Motives Count!

 Always Keeping an Eye on your Prize!



Smile, Eye Contact, and Enthusiasm!

    •  Going into your leads, with a smile on your face and open minded to challenges within the field

       At the beginning of summer, make literature for people to take home something to contact you. Helps if they finalize there decision post objection.

    •  List of 10 awesome things they probably don’t know about their community. Discounts the local utilities companies offer. This can help finalize a sale based off pure preparation
           Find out all the little details that can benefit local residents and compile them into a nice flyer.

    ü    We want to leave you with these final points, tens of thousands of people in your town could be alone. Imagine if you could turn all those people into raving fans?ü    So start thinking about how you can engage this edge to your marketing strategies.

    Leaders in Sales, and Role Models in their Teams
    1. ·                Coming in, with an ambitious attitude
    2. ·                Eager to tackle for new challenges
    3. ·                Being spontaneous
    4. ·                GOAL orientated

    Friday, July 3, 2015

    leader of week - chantel

    Leader of the Week


    Leader of the Week's Quote: "Self sacrificing for others, will translate and people will follow. When you lead from the front, it becomes easier to help influence others to follow you're footsteps"

    College: St. Michaels, Burlington VT

    Over the past four weeks, Chantel as showed tremendous consistency in the field. She has been on "the Top 5" consistently and has been a great example for others to follow.
    "The Leader of the Week"

    Tips from the Leader: 

    • Honesty
    • Enthusiasm 
    • Helping the Client 
    • Business Management 
    • Networking
    Chantel's first priority is always making clients happy and satisfied! Within the month of June she brought $527.00 in just one day of sales, now thats leadership!

    Congratulations to our girl,  Chantel