Tuesday, January 28, 2014


On February 8, 2014 BBS, Inc is hosting its first "DODGE FOR A CAUSE" Charity Dodgeball Tournament. The dodgeball tournament will consist of teams of 6 (minimum 1 female per team) with each team paying $60 to enter. Each team that enters will also be playing for a charity of their choice. At the start of the tournament each team will enter half court and explain what charity they are representing, what that charity does, and why they choose that specific charity. "This is a great way for our employees to come together as a team and bring awareness to some possible unknown charities that are out there" said President of BBS, Inc. An early entry team has already declared their charity, "The Wounded Warrior Project".

The winning team will receive a giant "Happy Gilmore" check with the grand total of money raised from all the teams entered, with their charity written on the check. They will also receive a trophy and of course, bragging rights.

BBS, Inc Boston will post pictures after the event and post videos of some of the highlights on the company Youtube page.

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