Friday, April 26, 2013

KINDLE FIRE HD Goes to Andrew Brisson!!

BBS would like to put a HUGE CONGRATS out there for Assistant Manager, Andrew Brisson for winning  a BRAND NEW KINDLE FIRE HD!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yahoo Buys an App Founded By A 15-Year-Old For $30 Mil!

Here at BBS, Inc., we absolutely love to hear motivational stories of young entrepreneurs!

In this story, a young 15 year old boy created a mobile news start-up application that was eventually bought by a company that we all know, YAHOO!

Can you imagine being only 15 years old and actually selling something to Yahoo!?!? AND FOR $30 MILLION!? Craziness.

So this Britain native, Nick D'Aloisio creates this app that scans the web for news by using an algorithm and then summarizes the story for you! 

Just like that, no more searching the web for your news and having to read through the ENTIRE ARTICLE- it's all right there at the click of a button!


For the full story on just how cool and inspiring this story is, click the link below.

***Hard Work Pays Off***

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BBS Volunteers with Autism Speaks and Special Olympics!

BBS had so much fun at Boston University's Autism Speaks and Special Olympics Sports Clinic

In hope of encouraging all YOU to get involved too we wanted to share a little bit about our experience...

Manager, Vince Conley playing a little b-ball with Autism Speaks Attendee

Some of the people in attendance at Boston University's Autism Speaks sports clinic
Manager, Vince Conley with top rep Jo Stuart!
For more information about Autism Speaks and how you can get involved please visit:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smart Tips on How to GREEN Your Office!!

Many of the day to day things that we all use in our offices were created to make our jobs easier and more efficient. The problem that we are now faced with is that these very things like paper, printer ink or even Post Its enter through our doors with a boat load of wasteful qualities. 
  • Natural resource consumption needed for production 
  • Energy use for distribution 
  • Pollution associated with making the product 
  • Finally, the big question of what to do with the waste when we are done with it?

1. Reduce the waste you produce!

Stop the Insanity
Junk mail--> Most of it ends up in the garbage, and then makes a home in landfills. 

Stop receiving unsolicited mail-->contact companies directly and to be removed from the mailing list.
Wash Your Dishes
Reusing will prevent the expense of materials and the release of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons1 into the atmosphere, produced when making Styrofoam, a non-disintegratable material.

Pass It On
When a message needs to get out to everyone in the office, try using electronic mail or simply circulate the memo instead of making a paper copy for each person.

Double Up
Make use of the two-sided capability of copy machines. Print information on both sides of a paper to decrease the total pages required for the job. Change the machine’s default setting to double-sided printing so it will automatically save paper.

Put the Stickies Inside
Despite how much we all LOVE Post-It® notes, now you can save some trees by putting those sticky notes on the inside of the screen instead. Download a free copy of Stickies software and create post-its of a technological form. 

Shut Down
Even though exhaustion has set in by the end of the work day, remember to turn off the lights before leaving and shut down your computers! This simple act saves over 700 watt hours of energy. 

Buy In Bulk
For the supplies that you must have, buy large quantities once rather than smaller quantities more often. This cuts down on packaging waste and natural resources used in transporting of materials.

2. Reuse the items you collect!

Cross It Off
Decrease the need for envelopes by reusing old ones to send mail internally through an office. Cross off the previous name, write the new recipient, and send the envelope off on a new adventure.

Flip It
Instead of tossing old folders in the trash, reverse them so the tab is cleared, or simply add a new label on top of the old one, and reuse the folder.

Start With a Clean Slate
Reformat a disk or delete its files to use it again, or pass it on to someone who needs it. Use only compact discs labeled as CD-RW (CD-R can only record information once, whereas a CD-RW is re-writable). 

Trade It
Set up an office exchange center where employees drop off their extra items, such as rubber bands, paper clips, binders, and folders, to be traded for things they need. Don't just buy new if you don't have to.

Refill It Up
Buy refillable pens and mechanical pencils. The extra upfront cost will pay for itself over time when the only purchases needed afterwards are for inexpensive ink and lead refills. 

***Reduce and reuse as much as possible before recycling. *** 

For the full article click here.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Good Employees Make Mistakes. Great Leaders Allow Them To.

We all make mistakes. Every one of us. If we aren’t making mistakes, then we likely aren't trying enough new things outside our comfort zone, and that itself is a mistake. That process is the best way to learn and grow as a person.  
As John Wooden once said, “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything.” Mistakes are the pathway to great ideas and innovation. Mistakes are not failures, they are simply the process of eliminating ways that won’t work in order to come closer to the ways that will.
Great leaders allow their people the freedom to make mistakes. 
Good employees are those who when mistakes are made. 
Learn from them, Own them, Fix them, and Put safeguards in place to ensure the same mistake will never be repeated again.
If you do in fact make a mistake...
Great People Practice The Six A’s of a Proper Apology:
Admit - I made a mistake.

Apologize - I am sorry for making the mistake.

Acknowledge - I recognize where I went wrong that caused my mistake to occur.

Attest - I plan to do the following to fix the mistake on this specific timeline.

Assure - I will put the following protections in place to ensure that I do not make the same mistake again.

Abstain – Never repeat that same mistake twice.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Opening ceremony of Boston Bruins game

In case you missed it last night, YOU MUST watch this clip of last nights Bruins game, April 17, 2013.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

15 Things Successful Leaders Do Daily

If you are looking to become a better Leader, check out these tips that I found!


1. Make Others Feel Safe to Speak-Up
Successful leaders deflect attention away from themselves and encourage others to voice their opinions. They are experts at making others feel safe by using their executive presence to create an approachable environment.
2. Make Decisions
Successful leaders are expert decision makers; they either facilitate the dialogue to empower their colleagues or they jsut make the decision themselves. Successful leaders don’t waste their time on issues that disrupt momentum and have a 'make things happen' kind of focus. 
3. Communicate Expectations
Successful leaders are great communicators, this is especially true when it comes to “performance expectations.” In doing so, they remind their colleagues of the organization’s core values and mission statement – ensuring that their vision is properly translated and actionable objectives are properly executed.
4. Challenge People to Think
The most successful leaders have a great understanding of the mindsets, capabilities and areas for improvement of those around them. They use this insight to challenge others to think and to reach for more. Doing this keeps their people on their toes by never allowing them to get comfortable and always providing them with tools to facilitate growth.
5. Be Accountable to Others
Successful leaders allow their colleagues to manage them. This doesn’t mean they are allowing others to control them – but rather becoming accountable to assure they are being proactive to their colleagues needs. Allowing colleagues to hold them accountable is a sign that your leader is focused more on everyone's success rather than just their own.
6. Lead by Example
Leading by example sounds easy, but few leaders are consistent with this one. Successful leaders practice what they preach and are mindful of their actions.
7. Measure & Reward Performance
Great leaders always have a strong “pulse” on business performance and those people who are the performance champions. Not only do they review the numbers and measure performance ROI, they are active in acknowledging hard work and efforts (no matter the result). Successful leaders never take consistent performers for granted and are mindful of rewarding them.
8. Provide Continuous Feedback
Successful leaders always provide feedback and they welcome reciprocal feedback by creating trustworthy relationships with their colleagues. They understand the power of perspective and have learned the importance of feedback early on in their career.
9. Properly Allocate and Deploy Talent
Successful leaders know their talent pool and how to use it. They are experts at activating the capabilities of their colleagues and knowing when to deploy their unique skill sets given the circumstances at hand.
10. Ask Questions, Seek Counsel
Successful leaders ask questions and seek counsel all the time. From the outside, they appear to 'know it all', – yet they too have a thirst for knowledge and strive to learn things. They understand the benefit of learning from others.
11. Problem Solve; Avoid Procrastination
Successful leaders tackle issues head-on and know how to discover the heart of the matter at hand. They don’t procrastinate and thus become incredibly proficient at problem solving; they learn from and don’t avoid uncomfortable circumstances (they welcome them).
12. Positive Energy & Attitude
Successful leaders create a positive and inspiring workplace culture. They know how to set the tone and bring an attitude that motivates their colleagues to take action. As such, they are likeable, respected and strong willed. 
13. Be a Great Teacher
Successful leaders never stop teaching because they are motivated to learn themselves. They take the time to mentor their colleagues and make the investment to sponsor those who have proven they are able and eager to advance.
14. Invest in Relationships
Successful leaders don’t focus on protecting their domain – instead they expand it by investing in mutually beneficial relationships. They care for not only their own advancement, but that of others.
Leaders share the harvest of their success to help build momentum for those around them.
15. Genuinely Enjoy Responsibilities
Successful leaders love being leaders – not for the sake of power but for the meaningful and purposeful impact they can create. At a point it becomes about your ability to serve others and this can’t be accomplished unless you genuinely enjoy what you do.
For the full article click here

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon 2013

BBS Inc Boston is amped up to watch the 117th Boston Marathon!

These people are truly amazing athletes, ones to be admired.

Will Power.

Good luck to those competing and know that BBS is cheering each and every one of you on from START to FINISH!

****Happy Patriots Day****

Friday, April 12, 2013

Congrats to our newest Leader, Megan Rheault!

What is this job all about?


BBS would like to send out a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Megan Rheault for being promoted to Corporate Sales Trainer!!!

For more details visit here.

Getting Fit --> Common Myths about Fitness and Dieting

BBS, Inc loves to stay active and be healthy! 
Flag Football
You name it, we have played it!

Now I know everyone is going to start slimming down and toning up for summer time, so check out these Common Myths about Fitness and Diet.

MYTH: Fewer calories is always better. Less isn't always better. "You need to fuel your body, especially when you are working out," says Haley. "If you don't take in enough calories, your body may think it's starving itself and actually holds on to weight as protection." 

MYTH: Lifting heavy weights will make you bulky. Lifting weights builds muscle, but strength training alone won't turn you into The Rock. By eating a balanced diet, doing cardio and lifting heavy weights, you will be stronger and leaner." 

MYTH: Doing crunches will get rid of belly fat. Crunches create muscle, but they won't eliminate any fat on top of the muscle (or that winter muffin top). "You need to combine cardiovascular work with your core training program (more than just crunches) to get rid of the belly fat," says Haley. 

MYTH: If you're not sweating, you're not working hard enough. Don't base your workout on sweating --> everyone has different sweat glands and some sweat more than others. Instead, pay attention to your breath intake. "If it is becoming harder to breathe, you are working harder. If it never becomes harder to breathe, you will never see an increase in your cardiovascular endurance," exclaimed Haley. 

MYTH: Heat and vigorous exercise helps you sweat out toxins. Plenty of people layer on clothing in the summer with the idea that sweating is the fitness world's answer to a cleanse. But Haley explains, "Sweating is a way for your body to release heat and even though it may contain tiny amounts of toxins, the amount is small enough to be almost insignificant." 

MYTH: You must stretch before a workout to prevent injury. Stretching can prevent injury, but it depends on the type of stretching-stereotypical static stretches (where we hold a position for a certain amount of time) can actually put your muscles to sleep. "Dynamic (active) stretches" - such as straight leg kicks - "are a better way to go because they increase blood flow and warm up the body, which ultimately helps you prevent injury." 

MYTH: You can target trouble spots. "Every person is genetically different and can see changes differently on their body," Haley says. So instead of focusing on one area, indulge in a well-rounded workout. "You do not want to just target trouble spots, but rather have a combination of cardio, strengthening and toning exercises to help create a lean strong body." 

MYTH: An empty stomach means more fat burn. If you work out on an empty stomach, you may not have enough energy to even get through it. "Your body needs fuel to burn fat. Working out on an empty stomach is just going to hinder your workout." So eat, work out, repeat. 

***Get fit for summer, do it right***

Thursday, April 11, 2013

BBS Operation Smile Charity Event in Boston!!

BBS loves to do things with different charities!

Our next upcoming event is April 27 from 5pm-8pm @ The Greatest Bar --> proceeds are going to Operation Smile.

Click here for more details and contact our Human Resources Department for more information on how to donate, 781-305-3601.

Excited for the Masters Tournament 2013!

If you are a golf enthusiast like I am then you must so pumped for the Masters to start!

In mentally gearing up, I thought it would be interesting to look at stats from past years.

Check out the link below to see historical records and stats from past Masters Tournaments --> Dates all the way back to 1934!

Oh yeah, and in case you missed it...Tianlang Guan is only 14 years old...!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Monthly Competition, oh yeah!

Here at BBS, Inc., we LOVE to participate in any type of competition.

You name it and we'll do it, we just truly enjoy having fun!

This is why we are so excited to announce our involvement in a  company-wide performance based contest...every month!

What is the prize you ask?

...and remember...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do you have an amazing boss?

I feel so fortunate to be able to say that our Management team here at BBS really is exceptional! 

I came across this article that talks about 10 Things Really Amazing Bosses Do and thought how perfect!?

According to the author of this article there is a difference between a good boss and an amazing boss so check it out!

1. Good Bosses maintain control and get things done.

Amazing Bosses empower their team with time, resources and techniques, to solve big issues with big ideas instead of Band-Aids and checklists.

2. Good Bosses foster a sense of community, making room for everyone.

Amazing Bosses form an internal culture by design rather than default, making sure they attract the right people to get on the bus and then get them in the right seats. They also make sure that the wrong people never get on the bus, or if they do, they get off quickly.

3. Good Bosses invite creative thinking.

Amazing Bosses know how to integrate creativity into daily conversation and procedures so that every employee feels natural about being creative and facilitating productive creativity when interacting with others in the company.

4. Good Bosses create an open environment for voicing concern and frustration.

Amazing Bosses integrate open communication to the point where the expression of honest concerns is expected, required, and desired by everyone involved to achieve the highest levels of team performance.

5. Good Bosses encourage career development for their employees.

Amazing Bosses integrate individual learning and development into every job description so that personal growth is required and rewarded. They make sure the company apportions time and dollars toward personal growth so that everyone shares reasonable expectations of commitment and success.

6. Good Bosses run effective and efficient meetings.

Amazing Bosses educate the team on facilitation techniques and give each person consistent practice at structuring and leading effective meetings with postmortem feedback.

7.  Good Bosses build trust so people feel safe.

Amazing Bosses encourage constant interaction and high performance within the team so they succeed or fail together, creating tight bonds of loyalty to the company and each other. Successes are met with equal high praise and rewards, while failures are met with encouraging acceptance and postmortem learning discussions yielding next-step improvements.

8. Good Bosses generate happiness in the workplace.

Amazing Bosses constantly seek and execute ways to help employees gain deep personal satisfaction from their responsibilities so they are inspired and excited to come to work and perform well every day.

9. Good Bosses make sure people are responsible for their roles and actions.

Amazing Bosses promote personal accountability by effectively and efficiently aligning the team, communicating in rhythm, and measuring progress so they can adjust quickly with minimal risk.

10. Good Bosses know how to praise and show gratitude.

Amazing Bosses know how to instill a deep sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment in individual team members; a strong sense of self-confidence and self-praise outweighs any pat-on-the-back or award provided.

**Ask yourself, which category does your boss fit into?**

Monday, April 8, 2013

Motivation Monday 4.8.13

Welcome to Motivational Monday, I just decided to start this.

It's a perfect way to start your week off right and pave the way for the remainder of the week.

I was inspired by today's topic, positive attitude, by this Winston Churchill quote...

Too many people (myself included) usually dread Mondays. Reading this quote today made me ask myself, "does my negative attitude today really have an effect on my outlook for the rest of the week?" 

Regardless of your reasoning behind your not-so-positive mood, doesn't it make sense to start the week off the same way you want to finish it?

Think about this next time you are in a bad mood and emitting negative vibes to everyone around you- they are contagious by the way. 

You are in control of your own attitude which will set the tone for the rest of the week so let it be a good one people!

~Positive attitude --> Positive week~


****Be sure to check in every Monday from now for a little something motivational****

Friday, April 5, 2013

Who won an iPad mini?

We just LOVE to give away prizes here at BBS, Boston.
Our latest --> a brand new iPad Mini!
The lucky winner of this shiny Mini is the one and only Mr. Ryan Navas!!!
Congrats to Ryan for being the lucky winner.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Convert a Great Idea Into a Reality

One of my favorite websites to browse is Forbes.
The site has amazing articles on all things business related and let me tell you these people really know their stuff!
So I came across this article all about how to make a great idea actually come to life.
I think that all too often people have stellar ideas for things and never really do anything about it. Think about it, how many times have you thought that you had...
and then done nothing about it!?
This article gives pointers on how to follow through with your ideas so check out the link below!

Time to meet the girls behind the scenes!

Micaela Hill, HR Director

New England College
Minor: Sociology and Criminal Justice

Started in July 2012
    1. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
    "Definitely my mom. My mom is extremely hard working and driven. She has taught me the importance of being strong, successful and independent. My mother always pushed me to work hard which motivated me to prove to her that I could."

    2. Why did you choose human resources?
    "I chose human resources because I truly enjoy interacting with people and getting a feel for what they are looking for. Everyone is from different backgrounds and has a different story and I love being able to be a part of providing them with a new opportunity."

    3. What do you like to do in your free time?
    "My favorite thing to do in the summer time is go to the beach! In the winter it would definitely be to go snowboarding. In general I would say that I just love to travel, shop and spend time with my family and friends."

    4. What is the best advice you have received from someone here?

    "I think that the best advice that someone has given to me since working here is to always maintain a positive attitude and to think in a big picture mindset."

    5. What is your favorite quote?
    "Opportunity is like the sunrise, if you wait too long you will miss it." – William Arthur Ward
    Brianna Eigabroadt, PR Director

Keene State College
Political Science
Minor: Environmental Studies

Started in October 2012

    1. Who has been the most influential person in your life?

    "Honestly, that is a pretty difficult question for me to answer because I feel like I have been influenced by many people just in different ways. However, if I were to have to choose one I would say my Dad. I find it very admirable that he not only believes in the right things, but he stands up for what he believes in. He has always had a strong sense of right and wrong and I think that this is where I myself get the same qualities."

    2. Why did you choose public relations?

    "I chose PR because it is a great way to utilize and combine things that I excel in, things that I enjoy doing, and certain qualities that I have. I love to write/research, enjoy interacting with people and at times I can be very creative! PR allows me to combine it all."

    3. What do you like to do in your free time?
    "I am really close with my family and friends so I try to spend as much time as possible with them. Aside from that I love to do things outside like hike in the fall and spring, or go the beach in the summer. I actually also really enjoy reading and of course I love to shop!"

    4. What is the best advice you have received from someone here?
    "The best advice that has really resonated with me is that you should focus on your strengths rather than dwell on ones weaknesses. I think that it’s all too easy for people to say that they are not good at something when what should be said is how great you are at something else."

    5. What is your favorite quote?
"Right now I am kind of fascinated with Winston Churchill’s quote on success- Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Meet Jordan Karp

Jordan Karp, Corporate Sales Trainer

University of Vermont
Public Communications
Started in June 2012 
           1. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
    "The most influential people in my life have been my parents. They have taught me to how get stuff done on time, but to still have fun. They have pushed me to be the determined individual I am today."

    2. What is your favorite aspect of the management training program?

    "My favorite aspect of the management trainee program is the opportunity that BBS provides to their employees. The chance to be your own boss if you work hard enough most definitely stands out to me."
    3. What was your previous work experience before BBS?

    "Prior to working at BBS, I worked as a sales and marketing associate for Urban Adventurer."
    4. What do you like to do in your free time?
    "In my free time I love to go to the movies, read, hang out with friends, and snowboard in the winter."
    5. What is the best advice you have received from someone here?

    "The best advice that I have received is to believe in the systems that the company teaches us and everything will work. Having Managers and other leaders remind me to keep things simple and to trust myself and success will come is also great advice."
    6. What are some of your goals for 2013?
    "My goals for 2013 are to open up my office in December. I’m not exactly sure where, I thought about New York, but I’m still undecided."
    7. What are some obstacles that you have been faced with in the company? How did you overcome those obstacles?
"One of the obstacles that I faced when I first started was that I wasn’t committing to the process. I overcame this by committing myself by setting small goals and being sure to reach them. I make sure that I hold myself accountable for any goals that I don’t meet. I always remember to give 110 percent and to keep a good attitude. The managers and leaders of BBS have done an amazing job in helping me keep the right attitude to stay determined."


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet Jo Stuart

Joseph Stuart, Corporate Sales Trainer

Boston College
Political Science

Started in December 2012

    1. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
    "The most influential person in my life has been my mother. She is extremely hardworking and independent, which has rubbed off on me. She started her own business with determination and courageous attitude."

    2. What is your favorite aspect of the management training program?
    "My favorite aspect of the management training program is the ability to train others. I love the opportunity that this program has provided for me, it’s such a high energy, fun, team oriented work environment that I haven’t really seen in other offices."

    3. What was your previous work experience before BBS?

    "Before BBS, I worked at the school recreational department for Boston College."

    4. What do you like to do in your free time?
    "In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, and hanging out with friends and family."

    5. What is the best advice you have received from someone here?
    "The best advice I have received from someone here was to have personal goals so that you can use that focus as motivation. I always hold myself accountable if I don’t reach these goals and it helps to make them specific so that I know what I’m working towards."

    6. What are some of your goals for 2013?
    "Some of my goals for 2013 are to have four leaders on my crew. I also hope to be pushing for assistant management by the end of summer."

    7. What are some of the obstacles that you have been faced with in the company? How did you overcome those obstacles?
"Some obstacles that I faced in the beginning was having a hard time staying motivated when I was by myself. I also struggled when my production wasn’t at its best. I took advice from pre- management meetings, and reached out to other leaders for one on ones. I also tried to think positive and to have a good attitude. Interacting with my fellow employees has helped a tremendous amount to regain confidence when things got tough."

Meet Tarik Zavala

Tarik Zavala, Corporate Sales Trainer
School: Bentley University
Major: Marketing
Started in July 2012
    1. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
    "The most influential person in my life is Rob Burton Sr.; he is the first draft pick of the New England Patriots. He started the camp that I used to go to when I was younger called the Ron Burton Training Village, a camp designed to give inner city kids opportunities to succeed. It helped me personally financially, athletically, and educationally.
    2.What is your favorite aspect of the management training program?
    "My favorite aspect of the management training program is the ability to self-develop. This program has provided me with the structure to become an entrepreneurship. The support, camaraderie, and mentorship have helped me to become successful."

    3. What was your previous work experience before BBS?
    "Prior to working at BBS, I worked at a third party call center that sold on behalf of the major telecommunication companies in the nation known as One Touch Direct."
    4. What do you like to do in your free time?
    "In my free time I love to run, play videogames, and go to the beach."

    5. What is the best advice you have received from someone here?
    "The best advice that I have received from someone is that it comes within. Success happens by digging deep down inside. I remind myself that every day to keep myself motivated."

    6. What are some of your goals for 2013?
    "My goals for 2013 are to be an assistant manager by August, and incorporated by the end of the year. I know if I continue to work hard and remind myself of my goals each day I will accomplish them."

    7. What are some obstacles that you have been faced with in the company? How did you overcome those obstacles? 

"Some of the obstacles that I faced were losing motivation and attitude when I first started. I know now that attitude is everything. I set smart goals that are specific and set myself too much higher standards then when I first started so I know I must reach them. I have to continually remind myself to work the systems better, and continue to reach out to leaders and management for one on ones."

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Day!!

Watch's that time of year again...APRIL FOOLS DAY!

So if you are like me then don't believe anything that anyone says today and beware of any pats on the back!

Meet AJ Berube

AJ Berube, Corporate Sales Trainer 

Franklin Pierce University
Mass Communications

Started with BBS in September 2012
          1. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
    "The most influential person in my life has been my mother. She always had high standards for me, which made me push myself to meet them. My mother is extremely hard working; I always worked hard to make her proud."

     2. What is your favorite aspect of the management training program?

    "My favorite part of the management training program is that it’s completely performance based. I enjoy putting in the effort to see the outcome in my success. The performance based structure helps me to keep a good determined attitude."
         3. What was your previous work experience before BBS?
    "Before BBS, I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch for four years. Throughout college I ran the Sports Media Department at Franklin Pierce, it was an awesome job to have while I was in college."

    4. What do you like to do in your free time?
    "In my free time I love to sleep, workout, and I’m a huge movie fan."
    5. What is the best advice you have received from someone here?
    "The best advice that I have received from someone here is to have a 'down for whatever' attitude."

    6. What are some of your goals for 2013?
    "Some of my goals for 2013 are to pay off all my credit card debt. At the end of the summer of 2013 I hope to be pushing for assistant management."
    7. What are some of the obstacles that you have been faced with in the company? How did you overcome those obstacles?

"One of the obstacles that I faced was my work ethic when I had first started. I was fresh out of college, trying to push myself out of the vacation stages. My work ethic now compared to when I first started is always giving 110% percent each day and staying focused. When I first started I struggled with how to be a trainer, and teaching others the skills to be successful. With the help from management, leaders meetings, and one on ones I was able to become a better trainer, currently I truly find it to be one of my favorite things to do here at BBS, Inc."