Monday, February 10, 2014

BBS, Inc Raises $460 for Nashua Humane Society

"The Huskies"
Winners of the "Dodge for a Cause" Charity Dodgeball Event
 On February 8, 2014 BBS, Inc Boston host its "Dodge For A Cause" Charity Dodgeball event. The event was held at The Boys & Girls Club of Woburn at 8pm and had a great turn out. Each team entered had to represent a different charity and explain what that non-profit stood for, and why they picked that charity.

The Nashua Humane Society, The Development of Vietnam Endeavors (D.O.V.E.) Toys for Tots, Braintree Fire Department, Twegaite International Organization, World Wildlife Foundation and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (BAA) were all represented by various teams.

The double elimination bracket style tournament turned out to be a nail biter. Team WWF (representing the World Wildlife Foundation) went undefeated going into the championship round. Team Huskies (representing Nashua Humane Soc.) lost in the very first round and had their backs up against the wall for the rest of the tournament. The Huskies met WWF in the championship and the drama began. WWF dropped like flies within the first 2 minutes and only had 1 person standing, HR Director Micaela Hill to be the hero. Micaela did her best but it wasn't enough, being out numbered 4:1. Game 2, was back and forth with players being eliminated and brought back in for almost 10 minutes. WWF was up with 3 players in and only 1 player to get out on The Huskies. Assistant Manager Andrew Brisson was the only person left between WWF and the championship. "I honestly thought we were done for but knew if I could just catch one dodgeball, we would get one of our best players back in the game and it will be all tied up 2:2" said Andrew. Assistant manager Zach on WWF threw a "high riser" easily caught by Andrew and it was all tied up. Within in a minute, the tides had turn, The Huskies were up with 3 players and WWF once again, only had Micaela. "I gave it all I had but sadly, it wasn't enough" said Micaela.

BBS, Inc Boston could not be more proud of all of our employees and staff that helped put this event together. "This is what I love about our business. Co-workers having fun, raising awareness and giving back to the community. I feel more companies should give back and hopefully events like this, start a trend" said President of BBS, Inc.

A check by the winning team will be dropped off this week at the Nashua Humane Society.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

BBS, Inc Throws Sales Contest to Win Bruins Jersey!

The managers at BBS, Inc threw a challenge at the sales team. Sales reps had to meet a certain quota for their name to be entered into a raffle for a Milan Lucic Bruins jersey. The entire month of January the sales team battled it out. At the end of the month, numbers were calculated and names were entered in the raffle...
The lucky winner was: Shawn Wise! 
"I thank BBS for giving me the opportunity, and doing what's right pays off." -Shawn Wise

BBS, Inc management team wants to give credit and praise to everyone who was entered into the competition and could not be more proud.