Wednesday, November 26, 2014

BBS Inc Movember Dodge Ball Tourney!!!

BBS INC raises $300 in support of men’s health Movemeber at charity dodge ball event!!

Last night over 25 employees from BBS, Inc and two area offices participated in a BBS, Inc sponsored charity dodge ball event. The competition was fierce but ultimately Team Blue triumphed giving Vince, John, Dano, Ruben and Emma the bragging rights of BBS, Inc top ballers. The event benefited Movember, an organization committed to the awareness and prevention of a variety of men’s health issues. In addition to excellent ball handling, participants flaunted their Movember Mustaches in a visual display of support for the cause. 

Thank you to all for a great night of Dodge ball benefiting a great cause!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vince Conley in his element
Tonight BBS Inc will be hosting a dodgeball tournament at the Woburn Boys and Girls Club to benefit Movember. Teams of five will compete to claim the title of the biggest baller in the BBS office while raising money to support mens health.  

Welcome to the BBS Dodgeball Association of BBS.
and remember...
Dodge Duck Dip Dive Dodge 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Matt Lopes Promoted to Assistant Management

Congratulations to Matt Lopes for his promotion to assistant management!! 

BBS, Inc joined by several other New England offices gathered this morning to celebrate Lopes’ advancement. Tra Trombetti praised Matt for being “cool, calm, consistent and competitive,” while other attending managers expressed admiration for his easy going attitude, student mentality and unwavering persistence.

Speaking to his peers and colleagues, Matt Lopes shared his development from being “unable to say my name and Verizon in the same sentence” to being a leader both in the office and the field. “You are going to mess up, you are going to fail” he stated “but it is not about the challenges it’s about how you pick yourself up and move forward.” After a year and a half in the office, 360 days in the field, 300 days on bell and the daily ups and downs of acquiring and developing a team, Lopes possesses all the experience and characteristics that will make him an excellent assistant manager. Despite recognizing the significance of his promotion, Lopes emphasized that assistant management is only a stepping stone to his next goal: management. Before his next promotion, Matt hopes to promote one of his own team to assistant management because, as he stressed, it was only through the dedication and hard work of his crew that achieving assistant management became a reality.

In his hallmark quiet yet commanding manner, Lopes shared many of the lessons he learned along his path to becoming assistant manager. Condensed, his overarching message was clear:  “If you feel comfortable, you know you can be doing something different. I feel uncomfortable every day I come into work and this is what pushes me to learn more and improve both in the field and as a leader. Giving up is not in my nature”

Once again Matt, CONGRATULATIONS and we all wish you the best as you pursue management!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Boston Globe Profiles BBS, Inc

The Boston Globe Magazine profiled BBS, Inc Boston in its Top Places To Work special report!

BBS, Inc was highlighted within the small business category in an article featured in The Globe
Magazine. The Globe recognized BBS Inc's commitment to "pumping up" employees for the day and applauding those "people who went above and beyond." The Globe also referenced the fast track rise to management exemplified by former BBS employees including on who "ended up running his own company in 11 months."

Check out the full article here!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Look at BBS, Inc


If you walk into the BBS, Inc office any weekday around noon, you might think you have walked into an office party; cheers, music and applause emanate from behind a conference room door. Yes it is a celebration, but it is not a unique occasion. At BBS, Inc, the simple act of gathering together as a group to start the day is cause for games, gags and giddy controlled chaos.
Enthusiasm, drive and comradery comprise the backbone of BBS, Inc culture. While every member of the BBS, Inc team is actively pursuing his/her own goals, no competitive tension or bragging contaminates office cohesion. BBS, Inc works as a team to represent its clients with integrity and efficiency. In doing so, employees learn the skills, strategies and business practices that lead to promotion and ultimately management. BBS, Inc has seamlessly fused consistent production with a proven management training program.  

It is easy to see why BBS, Inc has been named by the Boston Globe as one of the top places to work in Boston three years in a row. Working in this office feels like sitting with the cool kids in the cafeteria; the charisma, positivity and wit of the BBS, Inc team is palpable. Opportunity for advancement is inherent to being an employee at BBS, Inc, and this is reflected in the consistent work ethic of every team member. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014


BBS, Inc Boston honored by The Boston Globe as one of the top places to work in Boston!!!

The Boston Globe’s annual rankings of the “Top Places to Work In Boston” were revealed in today’s Boston Globe Magazine.  In addition to being named as one of the top places to work for the third year running, BBS, Inc received the singular honor of being featured in a full page spread on the cover of the Globe Magazine! Taking the number 10 spot in the small business category, BBS, Inc is proud to be recognized for its commitment to its employee’s satisfaction.  BBS Inc. President Vince Conley thanked the entire BBS, Inc team for creating a company ethos deserving of The Globe’s recognition:

“To me this award goes to our employees.  This recognition is a testament to the positive work environment here at BBS Inc.  We have a community that supports opportunity and growth for every employee and it makes me excited to come in to the office every day.  This award just makes me want to work even harder for national expansion in order to see every person here at BBS be promoted and accomplish their goals.”

Companies were evaluated based on employee responses to a confidential survey conducted by the Boston Globe.  Each survey participant was asked to review different facets of his/her respective workplace.  Responses provided a comprehensive assessment of participating businesses revealing employee perspectives on topics including company integrity, quality of leadership, and opportunities for advancement.  Inclusion in The Globe’s “Top Places To Work” three years in a row indicates the high degree of BBS, Inc’s employee loyalty and its dedication to maintaining a superior work environment.

BBS Inc. celebrated its recognition last night during a reception at the Crusieport Boston Terminal hosted by the Boston Globe.   This year’s trophy will be displayed in the office with those from 2012 and 2013.

Congratulations BBS Inc. for being named once again as one of the top places to work in Boston!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guest Presenter Jim Rothermel

Lessons From The Top...

BBS Inc. is thrilled to host Organizational Consultant Jim Rothermal!  This morning Jim met with each of the BBS Inc. leaders in small groups to offer guidance on how to advance and achieve success. Leader Ethan Hartly recapped Rothermel’s advice stating “The key to accomplishing your goals is to maintain a positive attitude through adversity.” In addition, Rothermel discussed the benefits of training each crew member to gain mastery of the systems while still allowing each person to develop his/her individual style. Teaching reps the skills to make money is the foundation upon which opportunity and advancement rests.

Following the small group discussions, Rothermel presented to the entire BBS Inc. team. Sharing his experience of moving from entry level to consultant in fifteen years, Rothermel stressed the importance of setting goals. “Start dreaming…price out your dream vacation…ignore the practical” he advised. “Figure out what you want in life and decide what you are willing to give in order to get there.” Ultimately, Rothermel asserted, one must evaluate opportunities based on numbers rather than emotions.  It is tempting to jump ship when challenges arise, but perseverance will yield payoff.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Once again BBS will be honored at the Boston Globe's Best Places To Work 2014 Gala!! Several BBS Inc. team members will attend tomorrow's gala hosted by the Globe in Boston's Seaport District. We are extremely excited to celebrate BBS Inc. and look forward to making this a memorable event!! 

BBS Inc Boston is BEST! 



This week the BBS team voted Alex Mastriano the office leader of the week. With consistent sales and a go-getum attitude, Alex can always be relied on for top-quality pump up speeches, impeccably coiffed hair and turtle trivia. 
This week’s leader profile:

Name: Alex Mastriano
Hometown:  Meriden, CT
College:  Northeastern
Favorite Thing About BBS: Never-ending opportunity for growth
Long Term Goal: Senior National Consultant by age 30
Ideal Business Location: Boston, MA
This Week’s Random Fact…Favorite Tie: Cranberry and navy blue checkered. 

Monday, November 10, 2014


This weekend several of BBS’s top reps will be jetting of to Scottsdale, Arizona for Ozzapalooza! The convention will host top leadership from over sixty offices nationally and provide a forum for best business practices as well as an opportunity for big picture networking.

Congratulations to this year's conference attendees: Alez, Dano and Tray! At BBS Inc., outstanding performance yields outstanding opportunities! 

BBS does Movember: Moustaches for Charity!

Prepare for a mustachioed month! BBS Inc. will be participating in Movember to support early detection and awareness of prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. This show of solidarity allows participants to kick razors to the curb and flaunt the ‘stache! It's going to get hairy!

 Stay tuned for updates on the fairest mustache of them... 

Boston Globe Best Places To Work Honors BBS Inc!!!

BBS, Inc
For the third year in a row BBS Inc. has been rated one of the Best Places to Work in Boston by the Boston Globe.  BBS will celebrate their recognition this Wednesday at a congratulatory reception hosted by the Globe in Boston’s seaport district.  In addition, BBS Inc. will be featured on the cover of the November 17 issue of The Boston Globe Magazine. Congrats to the entire BBS Inc. community for making BBS Inc. worthy of this continued recognition!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

BBS Inc. Guest Presenter Rich Dinella

The BBS inc. team was pleased to welcome Rich Dinella who presented an overview of an effective management expansion strategy. Speaking to the requirements for promotion from entry level to management, Dinella shared his experience rising through the ranks and becoming a branch manager. While his talk was structured around the concrete path to advancement, the overarching theme was motivational, a message punctuated by Dinella’s personal anecdotes. Dinella expressed the importance for individuals at any level of the business to identify goals with personal significance. 
“Challenges will arise,” he stated “but if you have something that you cannot give up on, you can get through any challenge.”

To close his presentation, Dinella stressed that this business provides a unique opportunity for those individuals who are committed to working hard and representing each client with integrity. Take this opportunity and “You will grow from surrounding yourself with great people and having goals you work towards every single day.”