Thursday, February 26, 2015


Congratulations to leader of the week Ruben Rosario!!!

Once again Ruben has been voted by his peers as leader of the week! What makes a repeat leader??

Ruben credits his mentality as the key to his success inside and outside of the office.  His commitment to maintaining a high level of performance is reinforced by the concrete reasons “why” he strives for the best. “I would not have as strong a work ethic or drive to advance professionally if I did not have the foundational 'whys' to push me.  I know why, in the big picture, I want and need to hit certain goals and this helps me overcome any day to day challenges I face.” 

Ruben’s professional philosophy makes him a reliable mentor and a model crew member. Keep it up Rubes!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


CONGRATULATIONS to JOEY for his PROMOTION to leadership!!!!! 

His exceptional work ethic, positive attitude and drive for professional advancement has made him a model team member! We wish him luck on achieving his goal of building his crew!!!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Looking Forward to Spring-ing Forward

BBS, INC is ready to spring forward!!  March 8 is daylight savings and we can’t wait for that extra hour of—fingers crossed—SUN!!!  But that’s not all these BBSer’s are looking forward to…

MUMPHIE: VEGAS BABY, VEGAS!!! This Spring my sorority sisters and I are going to bankrupt some casinos.  Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Unless we win big in which case our winnings will definitely not stay in Vegas! 

JOEY: LUMBERJACK PUB CRAWL!!!  Celebrating my birthday in style. June 5th, so there’s still time to figure out what exactly constitutes lumberjack attire…

VINCE: DUBLIN!!! Best Christmas present ever and life-long dream come true! Shipping off to Ireland March 2015!

JORDAN: MOVING!!! Don’t know when, don’t know where, but excited nonetheless. Change is good!

EMMA: ISLAMORADA!!! Finally I will see more of Florida than the Miami airport! It’s a belated spring break and I’ll take it! Do they make SPF 200? 

RUBEN: JOINT BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!  Next year I am going to throw the best combined birthday party for my daughters! 




Back in the day (ie. the ‘90’s) snow was great!  A good snowfall meant snow days, hot chocolate and the opportunity to rock a 20 pound Disney Princess snowsuit. Cleaning off my parents’cars was a privilege, nay, an honor!  Screw the snowplow, I wanted my driveway to remain a pristine sledding hill.

And then this thing called “adulthood” happened and suddenly snow days are economically inconvenient, I grew out of my Cinderella snow pants and excavating my car out of my alpine obstacle course of a parking lot is neither a privilege nor an honor. 

This winter it’s easy to join your bitter, shovel wielding, sand-flinging neighbors. You may have even spent an entire Sunday looking at apartment sublets in San Diego. Or obsessively drooling over the temps in Dallas, Phoenix and Miami you have masochistically designated as favorites on your weather app. 

Ultimately, how you brave this winter is your choice. You can choose to see the snow as “four billion tons of white bulls***”[1] or you can whip out your ski goggles and build a snowman.  

You can’t control the weather so why not have fun with it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

From Those Who TRULY KNOW BBS, Inc...

Everyone has their own goals and their own meters of success. BBS, INC offers a space for ANY motivated individual to gather the knowledge, experience and support s/he needs to achieve his/her professional objectives. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

OFFICE NIGHT MINUTE TO WIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Captain Ruben Rosario, and his iron stomach,  leads his team to the title of  BBS MINUTE TO WIN IT CHAMPIONS!!!

BBS Minute To Win It was a huge success. Seven teams battled it out exhibiting stunning wit, athletic prowess, extreme coordination and the ability to withstand a SARDINE binge!

Games included classics such as Nose Dive and Ready Spaghetti as well as new favorites like Separation Anxiety and Badonkadonk. The competition was fierce and after an hour of play four teams were tied for the Minute To Win It title and a pizza/beverage prize!!! This tie-breaker was a heart breaker and a nauseating race to the finish. Ever wonder how it feels to scarf down a can of sardines? Ask Cord, Bonnie, Ruben and Brendan taking it for their teams! At least for Ruben Rosario and the Blue Team the sweet taste of victory helps to mask the fishy flavor that is sure to linger for days to come...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015



BBS, Inc management braved flight delays and snow days landing in Boston after a great weekend at the Keys To Success conference in Dallas, Texas. Our management team was awarded over $10,000 in bonuses for outstanding business practices and consistent production. Andrea Anderson, regional bookkeeper and organizational administrator extraordinaire was also honored for her role in the successful opening of our first international office based in London!

BBS, Inc is proud to boast such a dynamic team and is honored to receive accolades for its successes from both the media and top national leadership!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015


Congratulations to leader of the week Jordan Karp. 

A senior member of the BBS team, Jordan is a staple in office management and a seasoned trainer.  With unmatched vocal projection, a firm handshake and a steely gaze Mr. Karp is the picture of professionalism.  He’s a master of consistent production and you can always count on Jordan to “ ‘Karpe’ Diem.” We look forward to seeing him join the management team in the near future!

In his own words: 
Name: Jordan Karp
Hometown:  Greenwich, CT
College: University of Vermont
Favorite thing about BBS: The people. The relaxed and supportive nature of the office provides the perfect environment for me to achieve my goals and advance my career.
Long term Goal:  Be promoted to manager by May 2015, move to Chicago to manage my own business
Ideal Business location: Seattle, WA
Fun Fact(s):

  • I am an avid snowboarder…when you live in VT for 4 years you have to take advantage of the snow. 
  • I idolize the way of the duck