Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Miami Challenge!

BBS, Inc has one of the hardest working administration team. Starting March 17th to May 10th, Jenny Goracke and Micaela Hill will have the opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to Miami, Florida for the weekend! The prize includes 2 round trip airline tickets, 2-night hotel stay, and a $200 Visa Gift Card for transportation. The competition is based on certain goals that they have to hit based on local competitive markets.

When asked about the competition, Micaela stated, “ It’s awesome for us to stay goal orientated. This keeps us motivated to continue to do well and stay consistent.”  She is confident in winning the challenge and she’s “excited to relax and lay on the beach!” Jenny has never been involved in a competition like this before and is very eager to hit the goals. Jenny stated, “ I am very excited to have an opportunity to have a paid vacation with Micaela.” When asked about the competition, Jenny said, “ I think it’s awesome that hard work can in fact pay off!”

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