Friday, October 30, 2015

BBS, Inc. celebrates Halloween!

Employees at BBS enjoyed some fall treats and costume contest!

Employees at BBS, Inc. love to celebrate - no matter what the occasion!

This Friday our team went all out to celebrate the upcoming Halloween weekend!
From Snow White to a slice of bacon we had a little bit of everything in our office today.

Who do you think should take home the coveted title of "Best Costume?"

Monday, October 26, 2015

BBS, Inc. falls into a new season in style!

October Bonuses for our top account managers are awarded!

BBS, Inc. is all about recognizing our employees' hard work! This month management ran several different competitions for our top account managers! Prizes included a custom suit, Bruins tickets, and a LG flat screen TV!

Our first prize was awarded to Nick Valentine - a new account representative who has been working with us for just under a month. Nick was treated to a new suit! Congrats to one of our new up and coming rising stars for breaking $1,100 your 3rd week in the business! 

Our second prize was awarded to our 2 top account representative by manager, Vince Conley. They were able to go to the Bruins vs. Flyers game - all expenses paid! Not bad for a Wednesday night!

Our last, but certainly not least, award will be given out at the end of this week! Account representatives have been battling it out for the 55 in LG flat screen TV! The account representative with the most accounts for the month of October will be watching some pretty awesome quality TV!

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Stay tuned for next months prizes!

Friday, October 23, 2015

BBS, Inc's Office Night Gives Back!

BBS, Inc. organizes a charity dodge ball tournament to benefit Operation Smile!

BBS decided to gear our energy towards helping a good cause this week! Managers, Jr. Account Managers, and our HR department participated in a "friendly" game of dodge ball!

The office was split into 4 teams who battled to the end for bragging rights! Each team was required to pay an entry fee of 60$ (10$ per person) All money raised was donated to Operation Smile - an organization that works to correct cleft pallets and facial deformities in children in third world countries!

All in all the event was a success! We were able to raise $240 - which is enough to sponsor a surgery! And everyone walked away with no injuries!

Happy Friday!

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