Thursday, December 18, 2014

BBS, INC NAMED #1 Workplace for Millenials!

Boston Globe ranked BBS, Inc as the top place in Boston for hiring Millennials!!!
The entirety of BBS, Inc's employee base fits into the 18-35 age bracket, thus highlighting the appeal of BBS Inc's young, vibrant culture to millennial employees. BBS, Inc president Vince Conley told the Globe “A brand-new person can come in and within two or three months make a large impact on the company, which is different than at a lot of places. The younger generation likes that entrepreneurial impact.”
BBS, Inc is proud to be a company that entices youthful applicants with its energetic office ethos and opportunity for growth. Ultimately, BBS aspires to provide a springboard for all employees to advance personally and professionally, regardless of age. Moving forward into the New Year, BBS Inc hopes to continue building and promoting the careers of it's entire staff and providing a company culture conducive to it's work hard, have fun mentality!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Makin' Bank!


Bringing it home just in time for Christmas shopping!!!

 Congrats to Alex Mastriano, John LeMaire and Zak Blawie for a fantastic week of production!
The Holidays are here and BBS, Inc is gearing up for some serious cheer!

The week ahead promises to ring in the Christmas spirit kicking off with the annual BBS, Inc ugly sweater contest. BBS team members m will be digging their most atrocious pullovers out of storage (smelling off moth balls? Perfect! Moth-eaten? Even better) in hopes of winning the prestigious title of Ugliest Sweater owner.

While horrifying knits are essential to celebrating the season, the true meaning of the Holidays lies in giving (and when participating in BBS, Incs  Yankee Swap- receiving)! BBS, Inc is proud to play Santa by sponsoring several teens at the Woburn Boys and Girls Club. The office will be out in full force purchasing and donating gifts to those teens most in need of some Holiday cheer! The BBS team itself will reap the benefits of this season of giving during the office Yankee Swap. The stakes are high and it's bound to get ugly (hopefully not as ugly as our sweaters) as employees vie for the best  ($10 and under value) present!

BBS, Inc's celebration of the season will culminate in our annual office Holiday Party hosted at Wild Rover in downtown Boston. With the VIP area booked and the drinks freely flowing, it will surely be a night one will want to remember (but probably won't)...


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What are the best things about BBS, Inc? Top Leaders say… 

“The people—the mix of personalities”-Kai Goh

“I love BBS’s work hard, play hard philosophy. We all have a great time playing games, and doing activities, but we always make sure the job is accomplished.” -Ruben Rosario

Never-ending opportunity for growth” -Alex Mastriano

“Team camaraderie; the fun and supportive work atmosphere”
 -Zak Blawie

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Leader of the Week, KAI GOH!

Let's GOH!

International man of mystery Kai Goh takes the title of leader of the week. Clad in impeccably tailored suits with hair as perfectly peaked as the Alps, Kai commands his team with grace and dignity. Kai’s dedication to his work is apparent through his unwavering work ethic and leadership while combating the stress and legal challenges of extending his opportunity to work in the States. Mr. Goh’s energy is contagious and the cohesion of his team exhibits the extent to which Kai leads and motivates. Assistant management is clearly within reach for leader of the week Kai Goh!!

The man of the moment!
Name: Kai Goh
Hometown:  Singapore
College: Northeastern
Favorite thing about BBS: The people—the mix of personalities
Long term Goal:  Open my own office, eventually open an office in Asia
Ideal Business location: San Francisco
Fun Fact: I have lived in seven different countries and am fluent in French, English and Mandarin   

Monday, December 8, 2014

High-Rollers of the Week!

Working at BBS, Inc requires stamina, enthusiasm and self-discipline. Working at BBS, Inc yields opportunity, advancement and financial payoff. These reps have put in the work and reaped the rewards!!

John LaMaire
Kai Goh

Adam Neveu
Asha Nadudidi

November, 24 Leader of the Week Ruben Rosario!!

A belated congratulations to Ruben Rosario for being leader of the week during Thanksgiving week! Voted by his peers as office Leader of The Week, Ruben truly embodies the aphorism time is money, money is time.  Consistently a production leader, Reuben has a clearly defined professional trajectory.  If you are looking for concise business advice, a firm handshake and half-masked sardonic wit, Ruben Rosario is your man!

Name: Ruben Rosario
Hometown:  Lawrence, MA
College: Plymouth State
Favorite thing about BBS: I love BBS’s work hard, play hard philosophy. We all have a great time playing games, and doing activities, but we always make sure the job is accomplished.
Long term Goal:  Management by May of 2015, first outside deal by 2016
Ideal Business location: New England
What Motivates Me…Is my daughter, Autumn Rain. I want to accomplish my goals so that I can provide her with the best life possible. She is the most important thing in my life.