Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Visibility Magazine is all about BBS, Inc

BBS, Inc. Boston, a sales and marketing company in Woburn, MA, is in the middle of company-wide March Madness competition for 2013. Styled similarly to the immensely popular NCAA tournament, opponents have faced off each week since the beginning of March allowing only the winner to advance. Week by week, the challenge continues as co-workers battle it out to make it to the next bracket.

The competition thus far has resulted in a new business suit for the winner of week one and two Boston Celtics tickets for the victor of week two.

According to one Assistant Manager, "For week three of the BBS March Madness competition we decided to mix it up a little bit and have the prize be 67% higher commission on all sales for the week! As if the competition was not already intense, a little added incentive definitely spiced things up even more!"

Wrapping up week three of the competition, the prize of 67% higher commission was awarded to one of the company’s top sales rep

The winner of week three said, "So far this competition has been so much fun for everyone. It is really nice when you can not only love what you do but to work for a company that has a ‘work hard play hard’ philosophy like BBS does is truly unmatched."

About BBS, Inc. Boston

BBS is a sales and marketing company dedicated to providing immediate and exceptional results for our clients. Since 2007, BBS has been committed to discovering effective solutions for companies that are looking to increase sales and market growth, as well as provide numerous opportunities for career development to its employees. BBS consists of a friendly, professional and thorough sales force designed to bridge the gap between large companies and their customers that other marketing channels cannot effectively reach.