Monday, March 16, 2015

Leader of the Week!


Lets give a 3rd congratulations to Zak Blawie for also being named Leader of the Week! Zak is constantly pushing himself to be better every hour. He earns his spot as top of the top this week, finishing off at $827 in production. The BBS'ers are looking forward to whatever crazy idea this guy comes up with for office night on thursday!! Here's some info about Zak:

Name: Zak Blawie
Hometown: Avon, Connecticut
College: Eastern Connecticut State University
Favorite Thing About BBS?: The fast paced environment and opportunity for growth
Long-Term Goal: Management by September 2015
Ideal Business Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Fun Facts: My dad is 1 of 12...I am an only child. Coincidence? I think not.