Monday, July 6, 2015

Making your Motives Count!

 Always Keeping an Eye on your Prize!



Smile, Eye Contact, and Enthusiasm!

    •  Going into your leads, with a smile on your face and open minded to challenges within the field

       At the beginning of summer, make literature for people to take home something to contact you. Helps if they finalize there decision post objection.

    •  List of 10 awesome things they probably don’t know about their community. Discounts the local utilities companies offer. This can help finalize a sale based off pure preparation
           Find out all the little details that can benefit local residents and compile them into a nice flyer.

    ü    We want to leave you with these final points, tens of thousands of people in your town could be alone. Imagine if you could turn all those people into raving fans?ü    So start thinking about how you can engage this edge to your marketing strategies.

    Leaders in Sales, and Role Models in their Teams
    1. ·                Coming in, with an ambitious attitude
    2. ·                Eager to tackle for new challenges
    3. ·                Being spontaneous
    4. ·                GOAL orientated