Monday, September 16, 2013

8 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses


Here are some tips on how to make sure that you are getting the most out of your company Facebook page...

Have a strong theme for your Facebook page

Focus on one main theme that is cohesive with your company's mission statement and overall image. Representation of your company should be clear and concise.

Understand the purpose of your Facebook marketing strategy 

Rather than just shoot for higher traffic to your page, try to aim for a specific number. Pick a number of likes to serve as a goal and try to get to that mark by a certain date. Setting a goal not only makes you work harder proves to be more satisfying when your goal has been reached!

Target the right prospects with your marketing

Obviously the main point of any company Facebook page is to market a brand. Higher traffic to a page typically yields higher pull and visibility on Google searches. However, if all this effort is put into marketing efforts be sure that you are targeting the right audience when doing so.

Create value in your posts

No one wants to look at a boring old Facebook page with no personality! As mentioned before, have you Facebook page reflect your company well but throw a little personality into and make your audience want to know more.

Interactive posts will attract comments

Encourage interaction with your audience on your company Facebook page. The easiest way to do this is to create interactive posts, ask questions or opinions. Positive interaction with your target audience is key!

Market to your existing audience

Equally as important as expanding your audience, it is also important to market to your existing audience as well. Even if they have liked your page your posts may not actually organically reach them. To get around this disconnected you may think about tailoring some posts specifically to those that aren't reached or invite them to ad your to their interests list.

Pay attention to FAKE Facebook fans

A high amount of Facebook likes is clearly something that most companies strive for as a part of their online marketing campaign. Although I do recommend increasing your amount of likes, be conscious of the idea that many people will like a page and never look at it again. Due to this circumstance try to get people to like your page that will actually pay attention to it afterward!

Maintaining a constant Facebook density
Featured on the admin panel of a company Facebook page you have the 'people talking about this' stat. This is basically what is referred to as 'talk density.' This applies to not necessarily people that have liked your page but to people that continue to talk about it. Get people to 'check in' when they arrive to work or encourage them to share the page with their friends.