Monday, September 30, 2013

10 Leadership and Management Tips for All Around Success

One of our BIG THINGS here at BBS is the continual growth and development of our people. With such growth and development, each member of our team is able to fine tune their leadership skills as well! 

In thinking of leadership as a quality that we look for in potential candidates, I came across an article that discusses 10 Leadership and Management Tips for All Around Success.

Who doesn't want to be successful right?

Here are the 10 Tips...
  1. Move forward by looking backward. How would we learn anything if we didn't look back at both our mistakes and the mistakes of others?  In addition, we can also look at what we have done well or what has worked for other people. Learn from those around you and find out from your peers how effective your management/leadership style is. Make adjustments where needed.
  2. Lead by example. There is clearly a difference between a boss and an employee but at the end of the day they are both representing the company name. Due to this equal representation, as a boss or Manager you should behave as you wish your employees to behave.
  3. Surround yourself with the right people. A cohesive work environment is essential to productivity. Any work environment will certainly consist of a mixture of different backgrounds, experience and personalities - be sure that this is the right mixture.
  4. Stop the blame game. Part of being in a managerial position is the ability to delegate! Delegating obviously means that these people will then have partial responsibility for that task but at the end of it YOU are ultimately at fault. Stop wasting time in blaming others, take responsibility and fix what needs to be fixed
  5. Cut your losses early. No matter how much you like a person, not everyone is a good fit! You may recognize this in the early stages of the hiring process but often times it's discovered a little later on. It's never too late to cut your losses, leave on a good note but don't let that one person spoil the rest.
  6. Invest in yourself and your people. Any successful organization will invest back into their business - be it revamping the lobby, getting new computers or even adding to a department...investing back into the company will help with its success.
  7. Build on strengths. Too many people focus in identifying and improving upon weaknesses. Where this certainly can be beneficial, don't you think it would also make sense to build on ones strengths as well? Focus on areas of strength, this will be a great asset in the long run.
  8. It’s better to be respected than love. As a great leader you must be respected. Indeed, everyone generally enjoys being liked (as a Manager) but as a leader we are sometimes put in a situation of having to make difficult decisions and not always being adored. What happens when your desire to be liked interferes with your ability to lead? There needs to be a balance between being liked and being respected in order to be an effective leader.
  9. Your success depends on the success of others. This concept holds very true in our business model. Here at BBS, we work in a highly team oriented environment so if one person is suffering we all suffer. When it comes down to it, although we recognize and reward individual efforts, the outcome of the whole team is what's important. Make that shift from "I" or "me" to "we."
  10. Find a coach or a mentor. Having that someone or a few 'someones' to guide and coach you is so helpful when navigating your way through just about anything! Take advantage of learning from your peers and soak up all of the knowledge that they have to offer!