Monday, October 14, 2013

The Benefits of Volunteering

Inspired by yesterdays Operation Smile charity event at The Irish Heritage Festival in Dorchester, I think it's important to shed light on why you or YOUR COMPANY should volunteer!

BBS has a long standing history of volunteerism and charity work with various organizations. As a company, we value the ability to give back to our local community as well as the ability to contribute to international charitable organizations.

I came across an article that discusses various ways in which volunteering actually benefits you which can certainly be applied to an entire company!

I understand that we all live busy lives so at times it may seem difficult to give that time, but considering that volunteering is essentially beneficial for all parties you even have an excuse?

1. Volunteering Connects You To Others

Naturally, volunteering introduces you to so many new people! Whether it be other volunteers or the people that you are donating your time for, volunteering really does expand your network of people. Sometimes you may leave with a new friend or business contact and at the very least you have worked on your social skills!

2. Volunteering is Good for Your Mind and Body

This may sound a little odd but participating in charity work can actually boost your confidence and self worth! It truly does make you feel good to know that you have helped others. After yesterday's event, to walk away from the festival having raised almost $700 was an absolutely amazing feeling! Furthermore, if you plan a charity event that involves a sport, like our Flag Football Tournament last Sunday, then you are out there getting some good old fashioned exercise!

3. Volunteering Can Advance Your Career

Volunteering not only allows you to meet new people (network) but it is also an avenue for you to get experience doing different things. Whether you are looking to move on to a new career or to simply sharpen your skills for your present one, volunteering can certainly have a positive impact on your career.

4. Volunteering Brings Fulfillment to Your Life

In addition to numbers 1,2, and 3, volunteering is fun. It's a nice change of pace to get people out of the office doing different things and definitely brings out different sides of the people that you may not have previously seen. Who knew that your coworker had a killer arm on the baseball field!? It is fun to see different sides of your peers and to be able to bond with them on different levels outside of the office.

There is an endless amount of charitable organizations out there so be sure to find the right fit that works for just get out there and try something new!