Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Find Your Motivation For Productivity! ~Hump Day~

It's Hump Day!

What does that mean --> to some it may mean that you need a little motivation to 'get over the hump.' 

Whether it's a lack of caffeine or an unsettling need for the weekend to come, it can definitely be difficult to maintain productivity through out the week...BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

We all get it. We have all been there.

Trust me...your boss will appreciate you taking the time to read through this...!

1. Establish a Routine

A routine is key when trying to 'stay on top of things' and be productive. Start your routine from the moment you wake up in the morning (and yes, try to wake up early). You can make coffee first thing, go for a run or start right off with a shower...whatever you do just do it the same way each morning to establish that routine. This will help get your mind right and prepare you to dive head first into you to do list at work!

2. Be organized

This is one of my personal favorites! Organization really does help with eliminating unnecessary stress...TIME MANAGEMENT PEOPLE! Use a planner, your Blackberry, a desk calendar or an old fashioned hand written to do list! Whatever works for you do it, I happen to love crossing things off on my checklist! Cross one task off and move on to the next.

3. Make deadlines

Establishing a deadline is like running in a road race. You set mini goals through out your day, just like passing a check point in a race. You use these checkpoints as motivation to get you to the finish line, or your deadline. If you have to send off that final report by the end of the day, try setting mini goals of where you want to be by a certain time, this will help you to meet your deadline by the end of the day.

4. Take Small Breaks

Giving your brain and your body a mini break once or twice through the day will absolutely help with your productivity. When I feel like I am about to go cross-eyed from staring at a computer, I will go for a walk around the building to get some fresh air. Stepping away from that desk for a few minutes each day will be like hitting that refresh button on your internet browser, new and fresh ideas will come will see everything through brand new eyes!

5. Stay Motivated

Staying interested in what you are working on is a way to keep your motivation. If you aren't interested/motivated then your job will actually seem like work. Try making boring monotonous tasks fun somehow, make a little game out it! Most likely if your boss or Professor (if you are in school) gives you a task or assignment, it is because it needs to get done. Find your own way to maintain or find motivation ALL DAY.

6. Know yourself

Regardless of what advice is given to you, even the advice that I have given to you today, find what works best for you! Each person is unique in what works for them so it's so important to find what works for you and only you. Knowing yourself certainly will directly effect your productivity! 

I assure you that each of these 6 Tips will help you be productive. Not only will YOU feel less stressed, but accomplishing more things at work and doing those things well will certainly be noticed by your peers as well!

~ Follow these 6 steps and BOOM, you are now productive ~

. Happy Hump Day.