Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Leader of the Week, KAI GOH!

Let's GOH!

International man of mystery Kai Goh takes the title of leader of the week. Clad in impeccably tailored suits with hair as perfectly peaked as the Alps, Kai commands his team with grace and dignity. Kai’s dedication to his work is apparent through his unwavering work ethic and leadership while combating the stress and legal challenges of extending his opportunity to work in the States. Mr. Goh’s energy is contagious and the cohesion of his team exhibits the extent to which Kai leads and motivates. Assistant management is clearly within reach for leader of the week Kai Goh!!

The man of the moment!
Name: Kai Goh
Hometown:  Singapore
College: Northeastern
Favorite thing about BBS: The people—the mix of personalities
Long term Goal:  Open my own office, eventually open an office in Asia
Ideal Business location: San Francisco
Fun Fact: I have lived in seven different countries and am fluent in French, English and Mandarin