Friday, February 6, 2015


Congratulations to leader of the week Jordan Karp. 

A senior member of the BBS team, Jordan is a staple in office management and a seasoned trainer.  With unmatched vocal projection, a firm handshake and a steely gaze Mr. Karp is the picture of professionalism.  He’s a master of consistent production and you can always count on Jordan to “ ‘Karpe’ Diem.” We look forward to seeing him join the management team in the near future!

In his own words: 
Name: Jordan Karp
Hometown:  Greenwich, CT
College: University of Vermont
Favorite thing about BBS: The people. The relaxed and supportive nature of the office provides the perfect environment for me to achieve my goals and advance my career.
Long term Goal:  Be promoted to manager by May 2015, move to Chicago to manage my own business
Ideal Business location: Seattle, WA
Fun Fact(s):

  • I am an avid snowboarder…when you live in VT for 4 years you have to take advantage of the snow. 
  • I idolize the way of the duck