Monday, February 23, 2015


Back in the day (ie. the ‘90’s) snow was great!  A good snowfall meant snow days, hot chocolate and the opportunity to rock a 20 pound Disney Princess snowsuit. Cleaning off my parents’cars was a privilege, nay, an honor!  Screw the snowplow, I wanted my driveway to remain a pristine sledding hill.

And then this thing called “adulthood” happened and suddenly snow days are economically inconvenient, I grew out of my Cinderella snow pants and excavating my car out of my alpine obstacle course of a parking lot is neither a privilege nor an honor. 

This winter it’s easy to join your bitter, shovel wielding, sand-flinging neighbors. You may have even spent an entire Sunday looking at apartment sublets in San Diego. Or obsessively drooling over the temps in Dallas, Phoenix and Miami you have masochistically designated as favorites on your weather app. 

Ultimately, how you brave this winter is your choice. You can choose to see the snow as “four billion tons of white bulls***”[1] or you can whip out your ski goggles and build a snowman.  

You can’t control the weather so why not have fun with it?