Thursday, July 18, 2013

BBS Wing Fest 2013 for Operation Smile!!

Check out the latest BBS charity event!

BBS organized a contest to test our endurance by seeing just how many chicken wings we can eat in only 30 minutes.

Operation Smile Update:

Vince Conley and Team Raise $200 in 30 Minutes for Operation Smile!

WHO: Vince Conley, owner of BBS

WHAT THEY DID: They had a wing eating competition on a Saturday. It was $10 to enter and all of the money went to Operation Smile.

TOTAL RAISED: More than $200 in only 30 minutes!

WHAT VINCE THINKS: "We're really excited to have raised such large amount of money in such a short amount of time!" he said. "It shows how much we love chicken wings - and the opportunity to get together to do something that helps children across the globe."

Click here to hear all about how we raised money simply by eating a ton of chicken wings!!