Friday, July 12, 2013

Start Something That Matters~ The TOMS story

If you couldn't tell by now BBS is all about growth, development and leadership!

We are not only interested in the growth and development of our people but we absolutely love to hear about how others 'got their start' and continued to grow. 

Start with an idea and allow it to grow.

In thinking about this, I remembered hearing about a brand of shoes called TOMS. When I was in school it seemed like everyone had them!

What I personally remembered most about the brand was the story behind it;  for every TOMS shoe purchased TOMS would then donate to someone else in need. One for One.

What a great idea!!

So why would I be talking about a shoe company when BBS is in the Sales and Marketing industry?

The point is this...all entrepreneurs have certain things in common. Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, had an idea that he was passionate about and enough motivation to make it a reality

He devised a plan to transform his vision and persevered until the transformation was complete.

Here at BBS we work with individuals that are motivated, dedicated and passionate. People like Mycoskie that had a great idea that he was passionate about and actually did something about it.

In order to make an idea a reality all you really need is a plan, passion and perseverance.

"My goal is to inspire others to go out and make a positive impact, to start something that matters to them," Mycoskie said. "In my book, I felt a deep sense of responsibility to share everything that we've learned at TOMS over the past five years, so that others can learn from both our mistakes and our successes, and go out and chart their own course."

- Blake Mycoskie

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