Friday, November 7, 2014

BBS Inc. Guest Presenter Rich Dinella

The BBS inc. team was pleased to welcome Rich Dinella who presented an overview of an effective management expansion strategy. Speaking to the requirements for promotion from entry level to management, Dinella shared his experience rising through the ranks and becoming a branch manager. While his talk was structured around the concrete path to advancement, the overarching theme was motivational, a message punctuated by Dinella’s personal anecdotes. Dinella expressed the importance for individuals at any level of the business to identify goals with personal significance. 
“Challenges will arise,” he stated “but if you have something that you cannot give up on, you can get through any challenge.”

To close his presentation, Dinella stressed that this business provides a unique opportunity for those individuals who are committed to working hard and representing each client with integrity. Take this opportunity and “You will grow from surrounding yourself with great people and having goals you work towards every single day.”