Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guest Presenter Jim Rothermel

Lessons From The Top...

BBS Inc. is thrilled to host Organizational Consultant Jim Rothermal!  This morning Jim met with each of the BBS Inc. leaders in small groups to offer guidance on how to advance and achieve success. Leader Ethan Hartly recapped Rothermel’s advice stating “The key to accomplishing your goals is to maintain a positive attitude through adversity.” In addition, Rothermel discussed the benefits of training each crew member to gain mastery of the systems while still allowing each person to develop his/her individual style. Teaching reps the skills to make money is the foundation upon which opportunity and advancement rests.

Following the small group discussions, Rothermel presented to the entire BBS Inc. team. Sharing his experience of moving from entry level to consultant in fifteen years, Rothermel stressed the importance of setting goals. “Start dreaming…price out your dream vacation…ignore the practical” he advised. “Figure out what you want in life and decide what you are willing to give in order to get there.” Ultimately, Rothermel asserted, one must evaluate opportunities based on numbers rather than emotions.  It is tempting to jump ship when challenges arise, but perseverance will yield payoff.