Friday, November 21, 2014

Matt Lopes Promoted to Assistant Management

Congratulations to Matt Lopes for his promotion to assistant management!! 

BBS, Inc joined by several other New England offices gathered this morning to celebrate Lopes’ advancement. Tra Trombetti praised Matt for being “cool, calm, consistent and competitive,” while other attending managers expressed admiration for his easy going attitude, student mentality and unwavering persistence.

Speaking to his peers and colleagues, Matt Lopes shared his development from being “unable to say my name and Verizon in the same sentence” to being a leader both in the office and the field. “You are going to mess up, you are going to fail” he stated “but it is not about the challenges it’s about how you pick yourself up and move forward.” After a year and a half in the office, 360 days in the field, 300 days on bell and the daily ups and downs of acquiring and developing a team, Lopes possesses all the experience and characteristics that will make him an excellent assistant manager. Despite recognizing the significance of his promotion, Lopes emphasized that assistant management is only a stepping stone to his next goal: management. Before his next promotion, Matt hopes to promote one of his own team to assistant management because, as he stressed, it was only through the dedication and hard work of his crew that achieving assistant management became a reality.

In his hallmark quiet yet commanding manner, Lopes shared many of the lessons he learned along his path to becoming assistant manager. Condensed, his overarching message was clear:  “If you feel comfortable, you know you can be doing something different. I feel uncomfortable every day I come into work and this is what pushes me to learn more and improve both in the field and as a leader. Giving up is not in my nature”

Once again Matt, CONGRATULATIONS and we all wish you the best as you pursue management!!!!