Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 Keys to Inspiring Leadership

Possessing strong leadership skills is crucial to a successful business, here are 5 ways to improve your effectiveness in the workplace.

***1. Face challenges: Face challenging situations head on, if you shy away from an obstacle, it will create doubt  in your abilities. As a leader you are faced with challenging situations that may seem less than pleasant so deal with them immediately and honestly- be up front.

***2. Win trust: Having your employee's trust yields better results; employees are willing to put in the effort for someone they believe in. Be sure to build trust with employees by showing a personal interest in them and their success-if you are investing in them as an employee invest in the employee as a person as well.

***3. Be authentic: Be true to who you are, if you try to act like someone you're not people will see through it and will think you are fake and untrustworthy. Everyone brings something different to the table so play to your strengths, because a variety of skills in the workplace creates a successful business.

***4. Earn respect: To earn respect leaders need to show respect for their employees and lead by example. The way leaders project themselves will reflect on the company's ideals, which is not only important for employees to see but also for customers as well.

***5. Stay Curious: Staying curious is quite simple, good leaders are constantly searching for new ways to learn and thus for new ways to grow. Innovation is key with growth so don't settle and become complacent --> STAY CURIOUS!